The Anxiety and Stress of A-levels

Hello people of the internet, I have not posted anything in a really long time because I have been trying to focus on my A-levels and revision. I am hoping that I can return to having and enjoying hobbies such as this blog, expanding into my other interests and passion rather than solely anxiety and dyspraxia based. This post is mostly about A-levels and how my anxiety has been elevated due to them.

I am very close to doing my last exam and I cannot express the relief that I am feeling, my A-levels are almost over (hopefully) and I am so excited. These past 2 years doing A-levels have been the most testing and difficult years of my life, without exaggeration. However, this experience although emotional and stressful has helped me become a more resilient and a more well-rounded person. So despite being fairly horrific it has taught me a lot about myself. I am extremely grateful to the people that have stuck by me and really helped out like my wonderful parents, teachers and friends.

A card in the end of exam flowers my mum sent me

I am aware that the large majority of people find A-levels very difficult and I think this is not helped by the huge leap it is from GCSEs to A levels. For me, my hand was held and I was prevented from stumbling in GCSEs and then with A-levels it felt like they had thrown me off a boat and expected me to swim. I felt that I lacked a lot of support at the beginning from my Sixth Form and at this point I didn’t really know what my panic attacks were when I was experiencing them. To be doing A-levels and all the work that comes with it and having dyspraxia and anxiety made it an even harder task and I wish that I had known quite how different and harder than GCSEs it would be, so I could be in some way better prepared.


The advice that I would give myself and others is:

  • Plan and schedule revision well
  • Do not wait long to revise notes and lessons-revise areas covered a few days after taught
  • Make time for hobbies and socialising- have a break
  • Only study for 45mins at a time as that is how long the brain can work/focus for efficiently
  • A-levels are not the be all and end all, try not to stress too much

The grades you achieve in your exams do not define you and the worst thing that can possibly happen is that you have to re-sit them. Exams are certainly not the best way to measure intelligence and put you in a situation of stress, go in with a positive attitude as this really helps.You can do it! Thank you for reading my blog and hopefully I will be able to post more regularly.


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